Welcome to E-Scooter Guy!

We do repairs on electric scooters, that mainly supported and backed up with parts by an NEW ZEALAND distributor. While based in Glenfield on Auckland’s North shore we get scooters sent to us from the whole north island.

The brands we repairs are Kaabo, Inokim, Dualtron, Speedway, E-twow, Futecher, Segway, Mearth, Iconic, Zero,

Also we do tire replacements for Zero, Kaabo, Xiaomi, Segway, Ninebot, Vsett Etc.

Inokim OX

Some useful guidelines how to make the choice of an quality build electric scooter.

1. What do you like to use it for? For example, for commuting to public transport and from public transport to work, school and vice versa. Think of the weight the scooter have to carry and the distance to ride on 1 charge.

2. Is the e-scooter for commute rides and recreational purposes?

3. Do you like to take the scooter in the boot of your car, or in a motor home or yacht?

4. Scooters with suspension ride more comfortably on uneven surfaces.

5. Solid tyres don’t go flat or leak, but are not as comfortable when riding on uneven surfaces compared to air inflated tyres.

6. A more powerful scooter would go more easily up hills, taking the grade of the hill and the weight of the rider into account.

7. The size of the battery is linked to the motor power and distance you can ride on a full charge.

8. Check the NZTA website regarding rules using e-scooters on public roads and walk paths. (here are 2 links, NZTA might put up more in the future).

9. In these link you will find E scooter guide to help to make a better informed choice of different scooters.

10. A other important aspect is, does the store or person you buy a electric scooter from, backup after sales service or do you get told ” sorry we don’t do repairs or parts” !