Motion Alarm Kit [Installation Required]


Scooter alarm, when activated it goes off when it senses movement , works on main battery and activation on remote control

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Motion Alarm Kit, easy to use anti-theft device to keep your scooter safe while you’re not using it.

The Motion Alarm Kit is installed inside of your scooter so you don’t need to worry about it getting damaged or sabotaged.
The alarm is powered by the Electric scooter battery so you don’t need to worry about it losing power or needing recharging.

This Motion Alarm Kit Requires Installation by a Trained Technician
Cost to install Motion Alarm: $60-$80 Depending on the Scooter.


  • Motion Alarm Device
  • 2x Key Fobs

Guaranteed to work on these Electric Scooters:

  • Inokim Light
  • Inokim Quick
  • Inokim Ox / OXO
  • Dualtron MX 1.5
  • New Dualtron
  • Dualtron Ultra
  • Dualtron Thunder
  • Speedway Mini 4 Pro 36V